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Andrew Richards


Hi - I’m Andrew – Director of Activ8 Recruitment and Ant logistics.

You're here probably because we've met and I astounded you with my swish business card, or you've stumbled onto this page by mistake. In either case let me tell you about what I do and give you some contact details.

First a summary of the services I offer in each business with links for more info:


Activ8 recruitment:


I set this up in 2019 to cater for technology companies. We have since grown into engineering, and are trialling Veterinary and Health.

Some of the roles we specialise in are below:

PM / PO / Dev / Architect

Sales / BDM / Account Director

Engineering / Network analyst / Fire & security field engineers


Ant Logistics:

Launched in 2020 (like so many small businesses), we handle warehousing for large customers' field teams (Microsoft) – this includes holding and distributing stock and also providing the self-service interface for geographically remote teams.

We are moving towards software provision rather than logistics… and here we work with Meta and intel (via agency).


If you are interested in recruitment, warehousing, warehousing solutions or any of our generous referral schemes then please do get in touch...

Phone - 07546 067712

Linkedin -

Email address – A.richards@activ8recruitment

Calendar link -

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