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Top 5 tips for getting your dream job

Applying for jobs is a tricky affair.

Assuming you DON'T have an influencer contact within the company you are interested in, and haven't been recommended as an industry expert (both excellent reasons to leverage your LinkedIn contacts), then the chances are your CV or Resume will land on the desk of an overworked junior recruiter for "first eyes".

The problem with the above situation is that whilst the recruiter may well be good at their job (let's call this guy James from now on), he will have been briefed to look for key experience as the main selection criteria.

James will look over your CV briefly (he has a lot of applicants to get through today) and if you haven't tailored your skills to match his requirements you are unlikely to get past the first 90 seconds.

Of course we know that many jobs have transferable skills and don't require an exact match on work history (James knows this too) but the market is saturated and lots of people may well match on experience, which is why it is especially hard to change profession, or break into a new industry.

so far, just problems and not a whole lot of solutions focus. O.K. so, here it is.... here are our top 5 tips for recruitment success:

1. Start by updating your tired CV (that doesn't mean just adding your last role), a complete revamp of the content, style and achievements is in order to wow James. People prefer to repaint their house than update their CV but believe us this one is critical.

2. 60% of first interviews now take place by video conference so we recommend you brush up on looking at yourself talk on screen, and find a suitable location from which to talk (James will notice yesterday's clothes on the floor in the corner)

3. Once you have moved past the initial stages (James isn't involved anymore, say hello to Samuel - the decision maker) it is likely that you will be making and talking through a presentation, so brush up on those powerpoint skills... but don't overdo it - Samuel will want to see some personality rather than someone reading from a slide deck.

4. Research the company you want to join. (And this isn't on the train ride to the interview). Research properly, look at the company's short to mid term goals, what do employees say about working there? Is the company revenue and profitability moving in the right direction?

Knowing this info will impress Samuel and more importantly will help you determine if you actually wish to work in the company.

5. Be personable - very few companies want to hire a robot, and a long day of interviews is draining for Samuel the interviewer... if you have the skills, knowledge and attitude, sprinkle some personality over the top and you'll be making it impossible not to hire you.

That's it - our 5 top tips for getting the job of your dreams - if you need a hand with any of that, why not contact us to hear how we can help you.

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